Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Blogging World!

About me sections are no way to tell the world about yourself so let me introduce myself and let yall know what I am doing here. Life has taken many big changes in the last year and a half; it seems what most people spread out over ten years or more, my husband and I have compacted into the sixteen months we have been married. Most importantly, we have both dedicated our lives to Christ. We had both accepted Christ earlier in our lives but there is so much more to it than that and it took us a long time to coincide our lives with His grace and love. This is still a daily battle as all Christians know, but it is the greatest challenge that will ever be expected of us. We earned our Bachelor's Degrees both majoring in Psychology and one day later had a small intimate wedding. Within the next few months we moved into our first place together, found out we were expecting, bought our first house and my husband began graduate school and his first post-college position. Our son, Rocklyn Jude, was born on New Years Eve and three months later we found out that we are expecting again! I guess we never do anything normal always keeping life as unexpected and on the go as possible. Ryder Jonah is due in February and I am thrilled to raise two wonderful sons. On top of all of that, I am now in my first semester of graduate school for secondary education. Why am I blogging? I hope to connect with other mothers and Christ followers as well as keep my long distant family and friends in touch with my life in the south. I have many interests and love to write and hope that my blogs can inspire and relate to others. Other interests I have include singing (although I need to get some braveness and do this other than only in private or for Rocklyn), reading, cleaning (yes I am extremely over the top but messiness makes me neurotic), decorating and renovating our home slowly but surely, spending all of his waking hours with Rocklyn and teaching him new things every day, cooking and baking especially desserts and tennis although I am awful. All of us married people know that this union takes a lot of work and I enjoy working on this and improving our relationship all the time. We love to get out and discover new things around Nashville and be outdoors. Serving Christ is extremely important to us and we have recently began attending a church that we are so thrilled to become a part of more and more since we had been searching so long for a church that filled us with knowledge, convicted us and stood up for all things in Christ. My interests are wide and all over the place and grow more and more everyday and I hope to share all these crazy thoughts with you! God Bless!