Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to Basics

I recently took a class at our church on Spiritual Disciplines covering topics such as tithing, silence and solitude and journaling. I felt so convicted about many things that were happening in my life and knew God was pushing me greatly to make some changes. There was a sign displayed at a local church that said "Which is closer? Your bible or your cell phone." Well everytime we passed it I had to take note because my blackberry had actually become a lifeline for me in some ways. When did checking facebook status updates become more important than conversation with my husband at the dinner table? Now the television was an issue as well for so many reasons. Arguments over the amount of time the television stayed on in the day had become common. I always wanted my children raised around no television except for movies with the family and maybe some sports. But it was constantly on! And I am just as guilty as anyone for being sucked into shows that did nothing but rot my brain and pervert my home. It seems you can't even turn on a family channel without seeing something sexual, vulgar and everything we as Christians need to stand against. So my husband and I discussed these topics over and over along with ways to save money and just get back to the right priorities in my life. It seems that even if my Bible was right there next to me, when I got any free time in my day, I would instead first reach right for my phone. What a disappointment I was being to myself. After much discussion my husband and I decided to take drastic steps and to get rid of internet on our phones, lower the minutes on our plan, he change phone carrier providers altogether because we felt the company we were with was takign advantage of us every time we turned our heads and to rid our home of cable altogether. We also decided to sell the television we had in the bedroom. Yes, cancellation fees were a pain but in the end the amount we are going to be saving a month cancels out those fees plus a lot more. We are now saving almost two hundred dollars a month!!!! And that is the least of the positives that has come from this. Communication has been flowing in this house like never before, especially from our babbling son who is so much more eager to talk and talk now that the noise is gone! My husband and I have committed ourselves to a bible study between the two of us at least two nights a week. During this time we are either reading books of the Bible, listening to pastors on the radio or cds we have or doing other acts involving learning as much as we can in our walk with Christ and the best part has been the discussions afterward where we relate, debate, and go over all we learned. It turns out this hour we were setting aside for the night for this has easily turned into much more than that. Time flies by and its so great. I don't know if this is true for others but television had become such a protective blocker for me. If I was upset or avoiding thinking deeply about things I could just turn on the television and block it. Needless to say, it was quite a shock when this wasn't an option and now my mind is filled and it has been scary and great. I have had so many ideas, gotten so much more done around the house and the confidence levels that come with no tv are great. It seems watching these shallow shows featuring lifestyles to envy really takes a toll on how you feel about yourself. I have to say this is one of the best decisions we have made as a family and its only been weeks yet missing these technology pieces in our lives is already over with. So many people have asked me why I am selling the tv and questions about this and I just wanted to let everyone know! I urge you to even do away with one thing in your life hindering you relationship with Christ, with others and with yourself and see the amazing things that start to unfold! You will not regret it!