Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two New Favorites

For my vegetarian friends, here are two recipes that have been delicious and simple as can be in our home over the past few weeks:





Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Deeper With Christ

Lately I have been running in to so many incidents with fellow Christians and people in my life. I have had so many things said to me that have hurt me more deeply than I have been by words before and have been brought to a place emotionally that I do not like to be. I have been asking God and searching for why these incidents have been brought before me all in such a small period of time. I have been struggling with not wanting to attend church lately and wanting to close up into my home with just my family and avoid the outside world even. Through these trials I began by rejecting Christ and closing off and have slowly turned to embracing my love for and relationship with Him more than ever before. Three weeks ago I could not even pay attention to the message on Sundays and fidgeted in my seat the whole time and a few weeks later I am more in a state of worship on Sundays than ever before. I stayed awake praying the other night and it hit me that this was the plan all along. I was putting more emphasis on the church and works than on Christ Himself. Somehow I had slipped into this pattern and this thought process that the church was there to somehow fulfill what only God can. Our church is a wonderful place but it is full of sinful people as are all churches and is not there to fill in you what only God can. I had to realign my faith and my thoughts back to what they originally were and realize this in order to grow deeper with Christ and to understand why I was feeling so down about those I was surrounded with. So I challenge you to take a step back and re-evaluate where you are standing in your faith and where you are putting your need for fulfillment... is it with church? family? a job? Or is it where it is supposed to be, in God?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mother Knows Best

We grew our children inside our bodies and we know them as we know ourselves. God has blessed us with a mother's instinct that goes far above and beyond what any doctor, teacher or relative can tell us about our children. Rocklyn has been struggling with a severe cough and wheezing for almost a year now and it has been a battle. Since the early stages I knew it was asthma and have been spending months trying to tell pediatricians otherwise yet no one would listen and kept prescribing antibiotics (of which the prescriptions would end up ripped up in the trash after the second one had not worked). It recently got to a point that I became so angry with thesee doctors that I demanded they see him immediately and diagnose this. God answered my prayers big time with a new pediatrician who spent five minutes with us and knew it was clear to see he is asthma. He now has to do two breathing treatments a day and has an emergency inhaler and in just three days it has turned around tremendously!

The point of my writing this is to give mothers and women an encouragement to trust their instincts. God speaks to us and gives us a gift that doctors do not possess and while they may be more educated, when we feel something is wrong we are more than likely right. While pregnant with Ryder, I continuously told my obgyn that my uterus was ripping open and she kept writing off what I was saying. I called I made extra appointments and I knew what was happening to my body yet she ignored it. I had a c-section two weeks before my due date and thank God I did because my uterus had ripped open and if I had gone into labor it would have ruptured and Ryder and I would have bled to death almost immediately.

As women, we possess powers that we need to trust and have amazing capabilities so whether it is second opinions or taking matters into your own hands, sometimes it must be done. Trust yourself.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simple Realizations

I have had a few friends recently come to me for advice about family and about raising children. Why they come to me, I have no clue! I feel like I am in a constant state of reaching out for an answer to what to do in the situations I find myself in, especially as they get older. How funny that at one point I thought those newborn days would be the hardest; boy was I wrong!

How sweet was Rocklyn just curled up in my arms?!?!

Anyways, I have been thinking of the most important advice to give a new mother and while it is annoying when being bombarded with "you need this type of bottle" or "never let them cry" or "this is the best diaper rash cream" and other little tidbits, I think the advice a mother needs comes in two simple statements:

1) Put God first in all you do and life will fall into place a lot more smoothly. Your marriage, your patience, your children's behavior will all fall into place. Why? Because when God comes first, you live your life in a way pleasing to Him and by doing this you are assuring that you are treating your spouse well, discipling your children, loving everyone, spoending time in the word and in prayer and so many other things that are so necessary!

2) NEVER EVER EVER, no matter how hard it is, judge another mother for her parenting style! (Unless, abuse is happening and steps must be taken for safety) "Her kids watch television all day long and I don't agree with that", "They eat junk food constantly", "Their kids were at the store throwing the hugest fits I have ever seen. Probably because she never spanks them", "You know those daycare kids, I will never put my kid in one". I have heard all of these and more so many times. If I can tell you one thing for sure, when you judge another mother for something like this IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! You'll have a rough week and sit the kids down watching tv all week, you'll be too busy and have no time so you'll throw the kids some fast food, your parenting style will be NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING like you say it will before you have kids and have no clue what it is like and there may come a time that you will need childcare because you need to work and you will realize just because a kid is in someone else's hands all day they won't turn out bad. I do things a certain way in my home but I have learned to not judge any other mother for her ways. If you are worrying about how much television is being watched in someone else's home you have too much time on your hands! And when you stare with your mouth hanging open at that kid throwing the world's biggest tantrum in walmart, don't look at that parent in judgment because believe me, someday it will be you and your child!

Monday, August 8, 2011

In the Mirror

This morning I had to write a few emails while Rocklyn was sleeping so I put Ryder on tummy time in front of a mirror. I was soon distracted from working by his adorable interest in that little person he saw in the mirror! Ryder, 7 mos.

He was laughing and smiling and even turning over backwards (see above) to get a look at himself! Trying to reach out and touch that person and absolutely enthralled by him.

Rocklyn @ 7 mos.
It got me thinking about how quickly, especially nowadays, we go from amazement at ourselves and what we see in the mirror to critical distaste and even hatred at what appears before us. I have had many friends tell me that their young daughters ( even at 5 years old!) are commenting on their weight or "fatness" and it convicted me in huge ways! I am blessed with sons but in today's world, they are struggling with image immensely as well. The comments I make negatively about my body, especially the post babies body!, do impact them. Not only are they bombarded with half naked media and horrible messages around every corner, they have to hear it at home too?!!? So I am vowing to stop negative comments about my image and even if all the healthy attempts to get in shape are taking so much longer than they use to I will appreciate exactly who I am. How would our children benefit if us parents starting viewing ourselves with the awe and amazement we had as babies in the mirror? Better yet with the love and feeling God has when he looks at his creation of us exactly as He planned it since the beginning of time?

Ryder, 6 mos.

So, no matter what age we are let's start taking a different view of that person in the mirror... and maybe even turn our critical comments into a laugh instead (see below image lol)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My sons are as opposite as night and day and it is clear to see within moments that Rocklyn has taken after his mama in most every way! He can't sit still and his energy has him bouncing off the walls, he is loud and talks on and on and he is as stubborn as can be! This has really been affecting his eating lately: if it's green, has a unique texture, is unfamiliar or just about anything healthy except fruit it is a big NO WAY!

That being said... he has become the smoothie kid!

Since he loves all things fruity, thinks he is too cool when he gets to use a straw and pretty much thinks he is getting a dessert when he gets a smoothie, I have been serving them religiously! The trick is what I have been hiding in that blender to be masked by his favorite pineapples, peaches and strawberries!

Flax, tofu, veggies galore, nuts, lentils and anything else you can name have been enhancing this little man's diet without him having a clue. He gets what he thinks is a dessert and I get peace of mind! Easy enough!

Yesterday's smoothie included: yogurt, peaches, pineapple, watermelon, canteloupe, almonds, bananas, kidney beans, carrots and celery!

What do you put in your smoothie????

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet Party-Part 1

For those of you who I haven't told yet, I have been working on starting a party planning and event catering business specializing in children's events! It has been a dream of mine for a while and I am sick of waiting for things to just happen because they never do it that way!!!

On Friday, we had some good friends join us for an outdoor movie theater party where we watched


on the big screen in our backyard and where they were able to taste some of my food and see some ideas I have for parties!

While we were on a limited budget for this party and I couldn't nearly create the atmosphere and food I dreamed of, it was still such a good time and a summer night to remember.

Here are a few shots of decor and food from the night!

Balled out watermelon and canteloupe with fruit and rice krispie skewers

The big screen!

Popcorn boxes, mushroom tablecloth and the cupcake stand I decorated to hold mushroom cupcakes!

Strawberry swirl cheesecake which was a hit because I never got to taste even a bite of it!

Nate and Kendra Uhl were here to take some professional pics for my website and advertisement so big thanks to them!!! I will post those at a later time and will post pics of some of the kiddos and the night in the next blog!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I eat pretty well and with two children I don't get much of a chance to slow down yet the weight won't seem to go away! I was rapidly losing after I gave birth to Ryder and now at a standstill for too long! Soooooo I am going to blame it on portions! If I like something I am eating, I will eat until bursting point and even if its as healthy as can be that is still a bad thing. Time to employ Michelle Obama's portion plate for the family and eat the right portions (minus the meat for the boys!) of each type of food! Hope this helps you out too because I have many friends unsure of what and how much to feed their children!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby In A Bar

I am that mom. The one who dotes on every little accomplishment her kids make, who brings her kids into adult restaurants and pisses of other customers, who has to fight the will to wake her kids up a bit early from naps because I miss them... And I don't apologize for it. Thing is, I gave life to these beings, so other than my husband, who else would I want to be around more??? When I receive invites to weddings or events where kids are not allowed, I am quickly wondering how it will be as good of a time without my little ones shaking it on the dance floor. When I think of how my parents took vacations a lot and did not bring us with I picture how I would be texting and calling back home every five minutes to hear their voice or see their face in a photo. Time without my kids baffles me, except for the occasional dinner or movie out with the husband which is usually brief. I am taking some more time away from them lately by enrolling Rocklyn in preschool two days a week and having a friend watch them every so often so that I can get very important things done I have been putting off for... well 18 months now hahah but when it comes down to it, I enjoy my kids. Of course I love them like every parent does and just as much, I LIKE THEM as well! They are pieces of me and the man I love patterened together in these unique, amazing, inspiring little people! I can't imagine them spending their days with someone else and am so blessed to have a husband who makes it possible for me to be with them at home. Basically, I have been given a ton of crap about this lately and I just wanted to make it known that 1) I don't judge any of you for your parenting ways and 2) It's not gonna change so ya might as well quit wasting your time. And if by the very rare chance I were to be in a bar anytime in the future, I'd most likely want my kids there with me... put that in your pipe and smoke it

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank Heaven For Little Boys

Since most of our family is located in Chicago and Kansas, our friends have gotten to know the boys even more than their relatives have. So for those of you "back home", here is a much overdue update of the boys these days...

Rocklyn is on the go! He never ever ever slows down and has more energy than he knows what to do with! He is stubborn, loud and as much like his mama as he could possibly be but every so often you get him to slow it down for a bit and show his sweet side. He loves dancing, his drums, and babbling on and on and being outdoors these days. He is soooo sweet to his little brother and the little jealousy he has shown has not affected how he treats him at all. He squeals baby when he sees him in the morning and pets his head, too sweet! He is also quite the ladies man walking up to girls and saying "hey baby"... wonder who taught him that one!

He is also sleeping in a bed these days! Woohoooooo!

Ryder is our giant six month old sweetheart, could that face get any more angelic???? He is the happiest baby ever and never wakes up without a beaming smile on his face. He has the most hysterical laugh and he thinks Rocklyn is too funny! He is definitely our lazy boy and so much more laid back than most babies. He is just a giant and mama is sure hes going to be in the nfl someday!

Here he is looking at a Bible story. I can't get enough of him he is so sweet!

As for Cory and I, we are making some big changes here lately as Cory moves into a sales position and I am beginning my children's event and catering business! We are both still pursuing our graduate degrees as well!

That about sums up life at the moment! Miss all our long-distance family and friends and love you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011










Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rock-n-Roll Bedroom

As the boys are nearing the beginning of sharing a bedroom (YIKES!!!) and Rocklyn is transitioning to a big boy bed (DOUBLE YIKES!!!!), we have finally completed their bedroom and I could not be happier with the results... and yes I have a dream that they will be musicians-obviously...

Records, records records from Mary Poppins to Fleetwood Mac to of course Zeppelin and records as the border of their ceiling that my husband spent so many hours painting two years ago when I was pregnant with Rocklyn!

Little pictures I found at Hobby Lobby to go above the crib!

Guitar tab chart and their coat/bag/anything else I need to put somewhere rack I got for 50 cents at Goodwill and painted brown. Helps out a ton!

Drum set and amp (used for a karaoke machine for now)

Pictures, pictures, pictures and a mini guitar!

Ryder's soon to be crib!

Rocklyn's new big boy bed! (And the fifth set of blinds in the house he has it even worth buying new ones at this point??????)

The last piece to the complete bedroom will be these guitar key hooks we found that will hold back the curtains to let the sunshine in but we have to get back downtown to buy them soon! I have to admit I teared up a little when I saw the big boy bed because time is flying too fast with these precious little angels God has blessesd us with!

Friday, June 10, 2011


As most of you know my husband has been working 3 days of 12 hour shifts at a time in Nashville for about 6 months now. At first this sounded like the greatest work schedule ever. Don't get me wrong, four day weekends are amazing but I have to say these 14 hour days while he is away are difficult with a five and seventeen month old and for the last 2 months no second car!!!!!!! So as I hear him pulling in the driveway last night and am ready to pass him both children the second he walks in the door (after he washes his hands of course because I am a nut about germs and the boys), he hands me a card and two cooking utensils. And then a new set of the Better Homes and Gardens pots and pans I have been eyeing longingly every time we see them. What a gift! These mismatched pots and pans we both merged together upon marriage is doing the job just not in style! So if this isn't already putting him in the running for husband of a lifetime he states that these are my father's day gift! Huh? MY FATHERS DAY GIFT? He explains that he can only be the great father he is due to myself and our children. Wow! And goes on to explain that since I support him as he works through graduate school to make his dreams a reality, he wants to be the same for me and since cooking is what I love the most (and he wants me to give up the realistic-ness of a teaching degree and go for my big time dreams of owning a vegetarian organic restaurant) he wanted to get me something to work on my future! Yep, I think he's a keeper, as if I had any doubts before this lol. I now face a dilemna... I don't want to use them yet hahaha just enjoy their shiny newness for now!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


ORGANIC! Buying organic can be a very expensive blow to your pocketbook but thankfully Farmers Markets are abundant here in Tennessee and fairly inexpensive. If it is still a strain to your budget, below is the current list of what produce is important to buy organic and what you can go cheap and non-organic on...

Go organic for...

celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, cherries, kale/collards, potatoes and grapes.

You can skip organic for...

onions, avocado, sweet corn, pineapple, mangoes, sweet peas, asparagus, kiwi, cabbage, eggplant, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapefruit, sweet potato, honeydew and melon.

Skip those with icky pesticides contaminating them greatly, especially for our little miracles we call children! The plus side at the Freeland house this year... our veggie garden is growing so quickly! The down side is these infesting cicadas seem to have sucked the life out of our fruit trees and the peaches that were beginning to bud have no been eaten it seems. Isn't it time for these pests to leave for another thirteen years yet?????????????????????????

Anyway, until next time, be well and eat organic~love

Monday, June 6, 2011


Discipline is something that has been lacking in our home as of late! In every area we are stumbling and failing a bit. One of the biggest is in our diet, whether it be shopping/couponing or what we put into our mouths. We were in the great habit of meal planning for two weeks ahead of time and couponing as well. This cut our costs at the grocery store drastically and helped us to save more as I could buy in bulk and divide as needed. We were eating some fantastic new meals and preparing them was so great for my sanity as well as all of our health. This routine has made its way out of our lives lately though and its paying not only in our wallet but on our waistline as well! Discipline needs to re-enter.

Another area we need to reinforce discipline in is our time management because that has slipped as well. We have a daily routine with the boys including flash cards, book time, bible time, scheduled meals, weekly "field trips" and it has gone down the drain! I don't know what has done it, maybe recent houseguests mixed with a bit of laziness??? It needs to return despite the reason it slipped away.

Most importantly in the topic of discipline though is disciplining our children. Rocklyn is now at the age of knowing right from wrong on many things he does and I have become the pushover. It's funny because before we had children we assumed I would be the strict one and Cory would be laid-back but the second I felt the love for my precious baby boys I became putty in their hands. It's not working though. Hitting, biting, screaming and fits of rage have become prevalant around here and I cannot let it get to the point where I am fixing it I just need to, from the beginning, lay the groundwork of discipline in my home. Time outs seem to do a bit of good. I spanked once and I ended up crying over it for a half hour hysterically so that is a no go. We do not spoil the kids with toys and other belongings because I do not want them to put an emphasis on things and become expectant of gifts. We got rid of cable in our homes and keep movie time at a minimum so they are not influenced by the disgusting junk that they could see on there. But I need advice on this! I want my boys to be well behaved children who are respectful of authority and stay out of dangerous situations so folks, what are your words of advice on disciplining young children????

Friday, May 20, 2011


Wait... you thought I meant rest and relaxation??? Haha not in this mama's world. A little Rocklyn and Ryder is what I meant of course. And it's been a lot more than a little lately! Cory has a packed schedule every day of the week but Sunday and my Explorer has been in the shop for almost five weeks for some insane reason I have yet to figure out! So needless to say Mama is losing her mind and stir crazy is the name of the game here. Thank God the sun is finally shining and we can be outdoors more, just have to brave the swarming cicadas! Yesterday I was at the point of giving it all up and sending the kids to daycare and going to work but I got a grip on myself and realized what I love most on this earth are these two precious gifts and took the time to see what God is trying to teach me: PATIENCE AND TRUST! I have been so angry and resentful of the car situation and my husband's job and schooling schedule that I haven't taken the time to enjoy my boys much or to spend time in the Word. Any free second I have had I sit and stress more and has it gotten me anywhere???? Obviously not. So I am recommiting myself to being the mother I vowed to be the moment I knew I was pregnant and the child of God I need to be more than anything. I will laugh about this all one day and I need to remember these will be the good old days as hard as it is to believe now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rocklyns Fave Foods

I have had a lot of moms ask me about what to feed their young children to keep them healthy because it seems chicken nuggets and mac and cheese are the easy way to fill em up but dont provide much nutrition. My oldest is 16 months old and as many of you know we do not feed him meat. I don't mind much if he spends life as a vegetarian but I would rather him begin life this way in order to enjoy the great fruits and vegetables the world has to offer. I myself do not eat meat unless I am pregnant or nursing. I may have a different point of view if we were in the financial position to buy organic, hormone free, grass fed only meat but until then I would rather do without all the dyes and hormones filling up my precious sons tummys. So what does Rocklyn enjoy??? Here is a list of some of his favorites for ideas to get your children beginning a healthy lifestyle or changing to a more healthy diet:

SWEET POTATOES! He loooves them and he has become a bit more picky so after baking and smashing them up I either put a tiny bit of jam that was locally grown and made or honey on them to add some flavor.

HONEY BANANA WRAPS: Whole wheat tortilla, honey, tiny bit of cream cheese and banana slices (or whatever fruit you prefer)! voila!

APPLE WALNUT PUREE: steam peeled apple slices and walnuts and process them into a mush. I enjoy this one myself. So tasty!

TOFU NUGGETS: posted this recipe a while back if you want it go to the archives!

HOMEMADE FRUIT OATMEAL: blend a mix of fruits and old fashioned cooked oats, easy enough.


HOMEMADE FLAVORED WATER: I give my son water most of the time and if I do give juice it is about 5 percent juice and the rest water but I once tried very liquified fresh fruit in with his water and he downed it.

So those are a few of his favorite foods over the past few months! Easy and simple enough. I personally do not think they take much more effort than making some macaroni and cheese and they definitely provide much more nutrition. It would break my heart to see my child struggling with their weight because of the eating habits I began them on and I hope that I can influence other parents to begin their children's lives giving them a preference for Earth's best foods for our bodies. In turn I truly believe we can see a lot less disease and other health issues.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Most Important Thing I Will Ever Write

It seems in the past two weeks I have been bombarded with people commenting to me on their doubting of God, the Bible and all things true. I know this is happening for a reason and while I can personally explain truth to these people, I find it important to attempt to reach out to as many as possible via written word. First rebuttle I must make, God and Jesus Christ do exist and are the ONLY way to Heaven. Praying every once in a while, being a "good person", volunteering, praying to saints and such and all those other minor things we do that make us feel worthy of entering His kingdom are so far from what it really takes. Truth is not a single one of us is worthy but it is by His grace that we have the opportunity. And it is so simple, so very simple that it baffles me that I once did not understand: All He wants is to know us, to be what we keep closest, to be the one we run to in all times good and bad and to have our total faith that Christ is who He said He is and that no one comes above Him. Why is it so hard to believe? Well many people, most of whom have already closed the window to this blog and disregarded it as nonsense, do not open their bible or talk AND listen to God speaking to them and do not attend church where a bible based message is taught so clear as day. They block it off thinking life will go on and I have time to make it right. Life is too short and the older we all get the more we should realize this. My parents are now at an age where the obituaries are containing more and more people their age and if that isn't a slap in the face to the shortness of life I dont know what is. You do not have time to waste, any of you. Even if you live one hundred more years, a life without knowing Christ is no life at all. Second big lie I have been faced with recently: I do not believe in Hell and even if I could I can't fathom that everyone who doesnt base their life on Christ will go there. Well, plain as day this is what I have to say: fathom it or you will be believing it big time when you are there yourself in neverending misery. Everything the Bible says is true. It is not a pick and choose book; if you read and put the effort into the Word you will soon realize just how true it is, including Hell. I struggle a lot with anxiety and it is probably the sin I commit most often, not trusting in God and letting worry take me over. My biggest worry is that so many family members and close friends will end up in hell. I have to mention that I was praised so much for the work we recently did at Timberline, and while it is nice to hear a clap of praise over a putdown, it means nothing because all praise belongs to God. My brothers and sisters in Christ and I did not spend our day there helping those in need to feel good about ourselves or to provide them a meal, our goal is to make sure we see as many of them in Heaven someday as possible. Whether it was through words or just them observing the love we have for them and eachother, I pray so deeply that they saw God's love pouring out everywhere and have taken the first step to ensure their way into His kingdom. If we are honored and so happy to spend our day with strangers, imagine the way we care about those of you we know so well? I want more than anything to know I will see those I love in Heaven again someday. The third lie I have heard recently and often is that God does not have time for my prayers, He has so much more to worry about. And to that I must say, you truly underestimate the power of God and are so very wrong in what you believe in Him. That is what He wants most, to know you and to hear your every thought spoken to Him. To have each and every one of you turn to Him in times of extreme joy, devastating pain and sadness and all other emotions in between. Turn to Him, run to Him and make Him your number one. I hope that most of you have continued reading and although I am so far from where I want to be as a Christian, these things I have written I know to be more true than anything else I know. I pray that those of you who believe these lies take a further look and you will discover that there is a truth and it is the greatest thing you will ever know and I pray we are all together again someday when this life is over.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

a place to call home

Attending church is not what it means to be a Christian, but it is a necessary element in growing each and every day closer in your walk with Christ. Yesterday, my church The Journey held a local outreach event to help those less fortunate, and I spent that day in awe that I have found a group of people so loving, motivated and truly beautiful each in their own way to call my brothers and sisters in Christ. The Timberline Outreach Event has been something God placed on my heart a long while ago yet many churches would not have taken the leap of faith to step out of the box and make this happen due to business reasons or other things having nothing to do with God. When I posed this idea to my pastor, he was more than thrilled to make this happen and willing to do what it took. I had no clue what to expect but it ranged somewhere around raising a hundred dollars and seeing maybe five volunteers show up. God proved me so wrong for putting any low expectations on the powerfulness he brought to this! Over thirty volunteers, hundreds of dollars collected and enough food to feed the residents well beyond the two hours we spent with them. We had planned to have a small message delivered but that was thrown out the window when we quickly saw just how much our church members were connecting deeply on a one to one basis with the residents. I had so many people giving me compliments for the work here but truth is, this was not me at all. It was entirely God and I know that we changed lives there because for those who say they need proof to believe, I believe they could see proof shining so brightly out of all of us that God exists! I sat in my car after and had to take a moment because I am so proud to call The Journey my second family and am so touched to have seen these people feel free to spend their time comfortably with us. The Journey is a place I am glad to say I call home and I pray so deeply that many of these residents will come to know it as home as well.

Friday, April 22, 2011


It is Good Friday today and this day means more to me this year than ever before. I think I considered myself a Christian long long before I really was because if I had been, the impact of what Jesus has done for each and every one of us would not have been taken so lightly. Today is a day to mourn what He took on that cross for us but to rejoice in the freedom from hell that the act gave us. I urge you to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level each and every day and if He is not already, make Him your best friend. I have so many people in my life who are so far from God and I just want them to know that no prayer is too mundane, no sin is too great and no one is too far to be brought right back into His arms. Take the time to reflect today, and every day, on the impact of what He has done for us. Love to you all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Food

Since my last post was such a downer I am going to follow it up with a bit of fun! Rocklyn is getting to an extremely picky stage. As much as I have tried to stick to purely healthy and natural foods and only milk and water, he is rebelling! Well mama is rebelling back with funny foods! And it works! If you can make a child laugh, you can apparently win your way in the food battle. Here are a few fun food suggestions I found online! The top one is my favorite!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dayblogging Part Dos...

The weather in my neck of the woods: sunny and gorgeous! All the moisture is drying up from yesterdays storms and the windows are open! It smells unbelievably ALIVE out there! Things that have made me happy today: Sleeping in until 7 and then pulling the boys into bed for a family cuddle session, waiting for 12 oclock ZUMBA, peach oatmeal and spending the morning listening to songs of praise and watching Rocklyn unable to control his rhythmic soul as he dances along as much as possible. Book I am Reading: textbooks!!!! I am slammed with end of semester work! On the Menu For Dinner: Chicken Parmesean seems like a good plan! Involves staying out of the grocery store because we have everything we need right here. On Today's To-Do List: Rocklyn's shots, Zumba, packing for Chicago!, checking up on the status of my car in the shop, browsing some SUVS, ten page paper on field experiences and my Secondary Teaching Methods final project! New Recipe I want to try soon: a new version of tofu nuggets that Cory found and a unique pasta salad for my neice's bday party Plans for the week: School observation of a friend's classroom for my diversity class. Hitting the road as soon as my car is fixed and headed to Chicago. Taking our time and enjoying the trip along the way this time! My niece Willow's birthday party this Saturday! Seeing all the family and friends I desparately miss! Favorite Blog Post this Week: Has anyone checked out Pioneer Woman's amazing red velvet sheet cake with cream cheese frosting post??????????????? mmmmmm Lesson learned in the past few days: i will survive being away from my boys when the time to teach comes! I hate admitting it though On My mind: school school school school school!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

National Nutrition Month

March is officially National Nutrition Month so eat a rainbow! And no not skittles. Produce! Imagine how wonderful we would feel if we just accustomed ourselves to living as they did at the beginning of time on fruits and veggies only? Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere near this point yet but am well on my way! Here is some inspiration to get you craving the good stuff.