Monday, August 8, 2011

In the Mirror

This morning I had to write a few emails while Rocklyn was sleeping so I put Ryder on tummy time in front of a mirror. I was soon distracted from working by his adorable interest in that little person he saw in the mirror! Ryder, 7 mos.

He was laughing and smiling and even turning over backwards (see above) to get a look at himself! Trying to reach out and touch that person and absolutely enthralled by him.

Rocklyn @ 7 mos.
It got me thinking about how quickly, especially nowadays, we go from amazement at ourselves and what we see in the mirror to critical distaste and even hatred at what appears before us. I have had many friends tell me that their young daughters ( even at 5 years old!) are commenting on their weight or "fatness" and it convicted me in huge ways! I am blessed with sons but in today's world, they are struggling with image immensely as well. The comments I make negatively about my body, especially the post babies body!, do impact them. Not only are they bombarded with half naked media and horrible messages around every corner, they have to hear it at home too?!!? So I am vowing to stop negative comments about my image and even if all the healthy attempts to get in shape are taking so much longer than they use to I will appreciate exactly who I am. How would our children benefit if us parents starting viewing ourselves with the awe and amazement we had as babies in the mirror? Better yet with the love and feeling God has when he looks at his creation of us exactly as He planned it since the beginning of time?

Ryder, 6 mos.

So, no matter what age we are let's start taking a different view of that person in the mirror... and maybe even turn our critical comments into a laugh instead (see below image lol)

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