Friday, May 20, 2011


Wait... you thought I meant rest and relaxation??? Haha not in this mama's world. A little Rocklyn and Ryder is what I meant of course. And it's been a lot more than a little lately! Cory has a packed schedule every day of the week but Sunday and my Explorer has been in the shop for almost five weeks for some insane reason I have yet to figure out! So needless to say Mama is losing her mind and stir crazy is the name of the game here. Thank God the sun is finally shining and we can be outdoors more, just have to brave the swarming cicadas! Yesterday I was at the point of giving it all up and sending the kids to daycare and going to work but I got a grip on myself and realized what I love most on this earth are these two precious gifts and took the time to see what God is trying to teach me: PATIENCE AND TRUST! I have been so angry and resentful of the car situation and my husband's job and schooling schedule that I haven't taken the time to enjoy my boys much or to spend time in the Word. Any free second I have had I sit and stress more and has it gotten me anywhere???? Obviously not. So I am recommiting myself to being the mother I vowed to be the moment I knew I was pregnant and the child of God I need to be more than anything. I will laugh about this all one day and I need to remember these will be the good old days as hard as it is to believe now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rocklyns Fave Foods

I have had a lot of moms ask me about what to feed their young children to keep them healthy because it seems chicken nuggets and mac and cheese are the easy way to fill em up but dont provide much nutrition. My oldest is 16 months old and as many of you know we do not feed him meat. I don't mind much if he spends life as a vegetarian but I would rather him begin life this way in order to enjoy the great fruits and vegetables the world has to offer. I myself do not eat meat unless I am pregnant or nursing. I may have a different point of view if we were in the financial position to buy organic, hormone free, grass fed only meat but until then I would rather do without all the dyes and hormones filling up my precious sons tummys. So what does Rocklyn enjoy??? Here is a list of some of his favorites for ideas to get your children beginning a healthy lifestyle or changing to a more healthy diet:

SWEET POTATOES! He loooves them and he has become a bit more picky so after baking and smashing them up I either put a tiny bit of jam that was locally grown and made or honey on them to add some flavor.

HONEY BANANA WRAPS: Whole wheat tortilla, honey, tiny bit of cream cheese and banana slices (or whatever fruit you prefer)! voila!

APPLE WALNUT PUREE: steam peeled apple slices and walnuts and process them into a mush. I enjoy this one myself. So tasty!

TOFU NUGGETS: posted this recipe a while back if you want it go to the archives!

HOMEMADE FRUIT OATMEAL: blend a mix of fruits and old fashioned cooked oats, easy enough.


HOMEMADE FLAVORED WATER: I give my son water most of the time and if I do give juice it is about 5 percent juice and the rest water but I once tried very liquified fresh fruit in with his water and he downed it.

So those are a few of his favorite foods over the past few months! Easy and simple enough. I personally do not think they take much more effort than making some macaroni and cheese and they definitely provide much more nutrition. It would break my heart to see my child struggling with their weight because of the eating habits I began them on and I hope that I can influence other parents to begin their children's lives giving them a preference for Earth's best foods for our bodies. In turn I truly believe we can see a lot less disease and other health issues.