Friday, May 20, 2011


Wait... you thought I meant rest and relaxation??? Haha not in this mama's world. A little Rocklyn and Ryder is what I meant of course. And it's been a lot more than a little lately! Cory has a packed schedule every day of the week but Sunday and my Explorer has been in the shop for almost five weeks for some insane reason I have yet to figure out! So needless to say Mama is losing her mind and stir crazy is the name of the game here. Thank God the sun is finally shining and we can be outdoors more, just have to brave the swarming cicadas! Yesterday I was at the point of giving it all up and sending the kids to daycare and going to work but I got a grip on myself and realized what I love most on this earth are these two precious gifts and took the time to see what God is trying to teach me: PATIENCE AND TRUST! I have been so angry and resentful of the car situation and my husband's job and schooling schedule that I haven't taken the time to enjoy my boys much or to spend time in the Word. Any free second I have had I sit and stress more and has it gotten me anywhere???? Obviously not. So I am recommiting myself to being the mother I vowed to be the moment I knew I was pregnant and the child of God I need to be more than anything. I will laugh about this all one day and I need to remember these will be the good old days as hard as it is to believe now!

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