Monday, June 6, 2011


Discipline is something that has been lacking in our home as of late! In every area we are stumbling and failing a bit. One of the biggest is in our diet, whether it be shopping/couponing or what we put into our mouths. We were in the great habit of meal planning for two weeks ahead of time and couponing as well. This cut our costs at the grocery store drastically and helped us to save more as I could buy in bulk and divide as needed. We were eating some fantastic new meals and preparing them was so great for my sanity as well as all of our health. This routine has made its way out of our lives lately though and its paying not only in our wallet but on our waistline as well! Discipline needs to re-enter.

Another area we need to reinforce discipline in is our time management because that has slipped as well. We have a daily routine with the boys including flash cards, book time, bible time, scheduled meals, weekly "field trips" and it has gone down the drain! I don't know what has done it, maybe recent houseguests mixed with a bit of laziness??? It needs to return despite the reason it slipped away.

Most importantly in the topic of discipline though is disciplining our children. Rocklyn is now at the age of knowing right from wrong on many things he does and I have become the pushover. It's funny because before we had children we assumed I would be the strict one and Cory would be laid-back but the second I felt the love for my precious baby boys I became putty in their hands. It's not working though. Hitting, biting, screaming and fits of rage have become prevalant around here and I cannot let it get to the point where I am fixing it I just need to, from the beginning, lay the groundwork of discipline in my home. Time outs seem to do a bit of good. I spanked once and I ended up crying over it for a half hour hysterically so that is a no go. We do not spoil the kids with toys and other belongings because I do not want them to put an emphasis on things and become expectant of gifts. We got rid of cable in our homes and keep movie time at a minimum so they are not influenced by the disgusting junk that they could see on there. But I need advice on this! I want my boys to be well behaved children who are respectful of authority and stay out of dangerous situations so folks, what are your words of advice on disciplining young children????

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  1. Hey Amber.

    I think the older your children get, the more you'll learn what discipline works and what doesn't. You obviously have so much love in your family..and that love will build respect..and that respect will be the groundwork for discipline.

    Me and my children have grown up together and we've learned what works and what doesn't. But the most important thing is we respect each other and we want to make each other happy. It's not like "I'm the boss and you're the child, so do what I say!". It's about having real love and compassion for each other. That's hard to have with children as young as yours...but you are building towards that right take comfort in that fact.

    I've never been one to hit my kids or make them feel less than equal in order to gain their obedience. Talking and talking and more talking..has always gotten us through difficult times; times of tantrums and times of sibling rivalry. Even when they are young...explaining to them right from wrong won't hurt. But with younger do have to take a more physical approach, since young children aren't too keen on conversation. That approach could be...time out, but still explaining what's right from wrong. You'll find that as your children slowly get'll slowly transcend more into having conversations about right and wrong..instead of having a set punishment.

    Children will always misbehave and argue and fight and test boundaries. That's not going to stop...ever. But It will get increasingly better the more you all can communicate the love and respect you have for each other.