Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simple Realizations

I have had a few friends recently come to me for advice about family and about raising children. Why they come to me, I have no clue! I feel like I am in a constant state of reaching out for an answer to what to do in the situations I find myself in, especially as they get older. How funny that at one point I thought those newborn days would be the hardest; boy was I wrong!

How sweet was Rocklyn just curled up in my arms?!?!

Anyways, I have been thinking of the most important advice to give a new mother and while it is annoying when being bombarded with "you need this type of bottle" or "never let them cry" or "this is the best diaper rash cream" and other little tidbits, I think the advice a mother needs comes in two simple statements:

1) Put God first in all you do and life will fall into place a lot more smoothly. Your marriage, your patience, your children's behavior will all fall into place. Why? Because when God comes first, you live your life in a way pleasing to Him and by doing this you are assuring that you are treating your spouse well, discipling your children, loving everyone, spoending time in the word and in prayer and so many other things that are so necessary!

2) NEVER EVER EVER, no matter how hard it is, judge another mother for her parenting style! (Unless, abuse is happening and steps must be taken for safety) "Her kids watch television all day long and I don't agree with that", "They eat junk food constantly", "Their kids were at the store throwing the hugest fits I have ever seen. Probably because she never spanks them", "You know those daycare kids, I will never put my kid in one". I have heard all of these and more so many times. If I can tell you one thing for sure, when you judge another mother for something like this IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! You'll have a rough week and sit the kids down watching tv all week, you'll be too busy and have no time so you'll throw the kids some fast food, your parenting style will be NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING like you say it will before you have kids and have no clue what it is like and there may come a time that you will need childcare because you need to work and you will realize just because a kid is in someone else's hands all day they won't turn out bad. I do things a certain way in my home but I have learned to not judge any other mother for her ways. If you are worrying about how much television is being watched in someone else's home you have too much time on your hands! And when you stare with your mouth hanging open at that kid throwing the world's biggest tantrum in walmart, don't look at that parent in judgment because believe me, someday it will be you and your child!

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