Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mother Knows Best

We grew our children inside our bodies and we know them as we know ourselves. God has blessed us with a mother's instinct that goes far above and beyond what any doctor, teacher or relative can tell us about our children. Rocklyn has been struggling with a severe cough and wheezing for almost a year now and it has been a battle. Since the early stages I knew it was asthma and have been spending months trying to tell pediatricians otherwise yet no one would listen and kept prescribing antibiotics (of which the prescriptions would end up ripped up in the trash after the second one had not worked). It recently got to a point that I became so angry with thesee doctors that I demanded they see him immediately and diagnose this. God answered my prayers big time with a new pediatrician who spent five minutes with us and knew it was clear to see he is asthma. He now has to do two breathing treatments a day and has an emergency inhaler and in just three days it has turned around tremendously!

The point of my writing this is to give mothers and women an encouragement to trust their instincts. God speaks to us and gives us a gift that doctors do not possess and while they may be more educated, when we feel something is wrong we are more than likely right. While pregnant with Ryder, I continuously told my obgyn that my uterus was ripping open and she kept writing off what I was saying. I called I made extra appointments and I knew what was happening to my body yet she ignored it. I had a c-section two weeks before my due date and thank God I did because my uterus had ripped open and if I had gone into labor it would have ruptured and Ryder and I would have bled to death almost immediately.

As women, we possess powers that we need to trust and have amazing capabilities so whether it is second opinions or taking matters into your own hands, sometimes it must be done. Trust yourself.

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