Sunday, April 24, 2011

a place to call home

Attending church is not what it means to be a Christian, but it is a necessary element in growing each and every day closer in your walk with Christ. Yesterday, my church The Journey held a local outreach event to help those less fortunate, and I spent that day in awe that I have found a group of people so loving, motivated and truly beautiful each in their own way to call my brothers and sisters in Christ. The Timberline Outreach Event has been something God placed on my heart a long while ago yet many churches would not have taken the leap of faith to step out of the box and make this happen due to business reasons or other things having nothing to do with God. When I posed this idea to my pastor, he was more than thrilled to make this happen and willing to do what it took. I had no clue what to expect but it ranged somewhere around raising a hundred dollars and seeing maybe five volunteers show up. God proved me so wrong for putting any low expectations on the powerfulness he brought to this! Over thirty volunteers, hundreds of dollars collected and enough food to feed the residents well beyond the two hours we spent with them. We had planned to have a small message delivered but that was thrown out the window when we quickly saw just how much our church members were connecting deeply on a one to one basis with the residents. I had so many people giving me compliments for the work here but truth is, this was not me at all. It was entirely God and I know that we changed lives there because for those who say they need proof to believe, I believe they could see proof shining so brightly out of all of us that God exists! I sat in my car after and had to take a moment because I am so proud to call The Journey my second family and am so touched to have seen these people feel free to spend their time comfortably with us. The Journey is a place I am glad to say I call home and I pray so deeply that many of these residents will come to know it as home as well.

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