Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Most Important Thing I Will Ever Write

It seems in the past two weeks I have been bombarded with people commenting to me on their doubting of God, the Bible and all things true. I know this is happening for a reason and while I can personally explain truth to these people, I find it important to attempt to reach out to as many as possible via written word. First rebuttle I must make, God and Jesus Christ do exist and are the ONLY way to Heaven. Praying every once in a while, being a "good person", volunteering, praying to saints and such and all those other minor things we do that make us feel worthy of entering His kingdom are so far from what it really takes. Truth is not a single one of us is worthy but it is by His grace that we have the opportunity. And it is so simple, so very simple that it baffles me that I once did not understand: All He wants is to know us, to be what we keep closest, to be the one we run to in all times good and bad and to have our total faith that Christ is who He said He is and that no one comes above Him. Why is it so hard to believe? Well many people, most of whom have already closed the window to this blog and disregarded it as nonsense, do not open their bible or talk AND listen to God speaking to them and do not attend church where a bible based message is taught so clear as day. They block it off thinking life will go on and I have time to make it right. Life is too short and the older we all get the more we should realize this. My parents are now at an age where the obituaries are containing more and more people their age and if that isn't a slap in the face to the shortness of life I dont know what is. You do not have time to waste, any of you. Even if you live one hundred more years, a life without knowing Christ is no life at all. Second big lie I have been faced with recently: I do not believe in Hell and even if I could I can't fathom that everyone who doesnt base their life on Christ will go there. Well, plain as day this is what I have to say: fathom it or you will be believing it big time when you are there yourself in neverending misery. Everything the Bible says is true. It is not a pick and choose book; if you read and put the effort into the Word you will soon realize just how true it is, including Hell. I struggle a lot with anxiety and it is probably the sin I commit most often, not trusting in God and letting worry take me over. My biggest worry is that so many family members and close friends will end up in hell. I have to mention that I was praised so much for the work we recently did at Timberline, and while it is nice to hear a clap of praise over a putdown, it means nothing because all praise belongs to God. My brothers and sisters in Christ and I did not spend our day there helping those in need to feel good about ourselves or to provide them a meal, our goal is to make sure we see as many of them in Heaven someday as possible. Whether it was through words or just them observing the love we have for them and eachother, I pray so deeply that they saw God's love pouring out everywhere and have taken the first step to ensure their way into His kingdom. If we are honored and so happy to spend our day with strangers, imagine the way we care about those of you we know so well? I want more than anything to know I will see those I love in Heaven again someday. The third lie I have heard recently and often is that God does not have time for my prayers, He has so much more to worry about. And to that I must say, you truly underestimate the power of God and are so very wrong in what you believe in Him. That is what He wants most, to know you and to hear your every thought spoken to Him. To have each and every one of you turn to Him in times of extreme joy, devastating pain and sadness and all other emotions in between. Turn to Him, run to Him and make Him your number one. I hope that most of you have continued reading and although I am so far from where I want to be as a Christian, these things I have written I know to be more true than anything else I know. I pray that those of you who believe these lies take a further look and you will discover that there is a truth and it is the greatest thing you will ever know and I pray we are all together again someday when this life is over.

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