Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dayblogging Part Dos...

The weather in my neck of the woods: sunny and gorgeous! All the moisture is drying up from yesterdays storms and the windows are open! It smells unbelievably ALIVE out there! Things that have made me happy today: Sleeping in until 7 and then pulling the boys into bed for a family cuddle session, waiting for 12 oclock ZUMBA, peach oatmeal and spending the morning listening to songs of praise and watching Rocklyn unable to control his rhythmic soul as he dances along as much as possible. Book I am Reading: textbooks!!!! I am slammed with end of semester work! On the Menu For Dinner: Chicken Parmesean seems like a good plan! Involves staying out of the grocery store because we have everything we need right here. On Today's To-Do List: Rocklyn's shots, Zumba, packing for Chicago!, checking up on the status of my car in the shop, browsing some SUVS, ten page paper on field experiences and my Secondary Teaching Methods final project! New Recipe I want to try soon: a new version of tofu nuggets that Cory found and a unique pasta salad for my neice's bday party Plans for the week: School observation of a friend's classroom for my diversity class. Hitting the road as soon as my car is fixed and headed to Chicago. Taking our time and enjoying the trip along the way this time! My niece Willow's birthday party this Saturday! Seeing all the family and friends I desparately miss! Favorite Blog Post this Week: Has anyone checked out Pioneer Woman's amazing red velvet sheet cake with cream cheese frosting post??????????????? mmmmmm Lesson learned in the past few days: i will survive being away from my boys when the time to teach comes! I hate admitting it though On My mind: school school school school school!

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