Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby In A Bar

I am that mom. The one who dotes on every little accomplishment her kids make, who brings her kids into adult restaurants and pisses of other customers, who has to fight the will to wake her kids up a bit early from naps because I miss them... And I don't apologize for it. Thing is, I gave life to these beings, so other than my husband, who else would I want to be around more??? When I receive invites to weddings or events where kids are not allowed, I am quickly wondering how it will be as good of a time without my little ones shaking it on the dance floor. When I think of how my parents took vacations a lot and did not bring us with I picture how I would be texting and calling back home every five minutes to hear their voice or see their face in a photo. Time without my kids baffles me, except for the occasional dinner or movie out with the husband which is usually brief. I am taking some more time away from them lately by enrolling Rocklyn in preschool two days a week and having a friend watch them every so often so that I can get very important things done I have been putting off for... well 18 months now hahah but when it comes down to it, I enjoy my kids. Of course I love them like every parent does and just as much, I LIKE THEM as well! They are pieces of me and the man I love patterened together in these unique, amazing, inspiring little people! I can't imagine them spending their days with someone else and am so blessed to have a husband who makes it possible for me to be with them at home. Basically, I have been given a ton of crap about this lately and I just wanted to make it known that 1) I don't judge any of you for your parenting ways and 2) It's not gonna change so ya might as well quit wasting your time. And if by the very rare chance I were to be in a bar anytime in the future, I'd most likely want my kids there with me... put that in your pipe and smoke it

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