Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank Heaven For Little Boys

Since most of our family is located in Chicago and Kansas, our friends have gotten to know the boys even more than their relatives have. So for those of you "back home", here is a much overdue update of the boys these days...

Rocklyn is on the go! He never ever ever slows down and has more energy than he knows what to do with! He is stubborn, loud and as much like his mama as he could possibly be but every so often you get him to slow it down for a bit and show his sweet side. He loves dancing, his drums, and babbling on and on and being outdoors these days. He is soooo sweet to his little brother and the little jealousy he has shown has not affected how he treats him at all. He squeals baby when he sees him in the morning and pets his head, too sweet! He is also quite the ladies man walking up to girls and saying "hey baby"... wonder who taught him that one!

He is also sleeping in a bed these days! Woohoooooo!

Ryder is our giant six month old sweetheart, could that face get any more angelic???? He is the happiest baby ever and never wakes up without a beaming smile on his face. He has the most hysterical laugh and he thinks Rocklyn is too funny! He is definitely our lazy boy and so much more laid back than most babies. He is just a giant and mama is sure hes going to be in the nfl someday!

Here he is looking at a Bible story. I can't get enough of him he is so sweet!

As for Cory and I, we are making some big changes here lately as Cory moves into a sales position and I am beginning my children's event and catering business! We are both still pursuing our graduate degrees as well!

That about sums up life at the moment! Miss all our long-distance family and friends and love you!!!!!!!

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