Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're Gonna Miss This

I have a confession. I am a "clicker". By this I mean I live my life like the movie Click, ya know? The one with Adam Sandler where he rushes through things in his life with a magical remote control and before he knows it he is at the end of his life and has missed all the "good old days" with his family because he was hurrying to get to it. Get to what? Who knows! Now I know there is no such thing as a magical remote, but like the movie, I am constantly rushing time, waiting for the next thing to come, unsatisfied with the present. And then what do I do? Spend time reminiscing about the good old days that I couldn't wait to be over with! Counterproductive!!!!!! I was so excited to have a newborn around again and to cuddle and snuggle for hours and now that he is here I keep thinking..."when will he sit up alone? hold his own bottle? smile? etc..." how awful! but so true. and then when the times come I will cry and wish I hadn't rushed those previous times! I was leaving school the other night, exhausted after a day alone with the kids and then having to go take multiple tests after cory got home from work and I decided to just drive past my old dorm room and found myself missing the carefree days when it was all fun and freedom. Then I began to remember how much I could not wait to be married to Cory and have our own house and start life! And just like that God slapped me in the face and put the song "You're Gonna Miss This" on the radio. I realized just what I was doing yet again. So I have committed myself to start living in the now and not the past or future! I am going to enjoy every second of my children's growth and live in the present instead of waiting! I decided to share this because I know a lot of you can relate! Feel free to comment and let me know your experiences!

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