Sunday, January 22, 2012


A quick and easy learning tool I have been putting together for my kids

is finally complete!

Cookie sheet learning story boards!

A very simple use is to learn counting and alphabet with magnets without having to be at the fridge with a distracted child!

Rocklyn is up to counting to five now and we are working on letters!

Another great activity for the cookie sheet learning boards is laminated photos with magnets on the back!

We use these to learn animals by their names or by the sounds they make to identify.

We live far from all of our family and so these laminated photos are great to learn and remember the names of people and we use people we know as characters in stories we make up!

I found background photos in magazines, such as a window in a kitchen or a beach. I put the boys or people they know into a story such as Great Grandma visited us and surprised us at the kitchen window with her dog and cat! I also have photos of knights and footballs and more to let my kids use their own imagination and to provide visuals to our make believe stories!

When I was young, I had a great imagination and I want my children to develop (and maintain!!!) this too and I think story boards are an excellent way to do this!

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