Thursday, November 25, 2010

So thankful

My mind is racing and I am so emotional just thinking about the many things I have been blessed with. I am very aware most of the time that I am so very blessed but now that I am taking a step back and really examining just everything God has filled my life with, I realize that gratefulness is not enough and that there is no way I can thank God enough for this beautiful life. Since this time last year, so many things have changed and I have grown so much personally.

My top ten reasons to be thankful are:

1. Jesus Christ. My relationship with God has been so strengthened over the past year and my understanding, love and faith have come so far. My family has been so blessed to have found a church that we feel so welcome at and that is challenging us all the time to not be stagnant in our faith but to always improve and strengthen. We were feeling so frustrated and lost at other churches that we attended and on July 3 we happened to see The Journey's band playing and attended the next service and found our church home!

2. My husband, who is the most loving and honest man I have ever met. He works so hard and does all he can to make sure that I can stay home with our children and provide them with everything they need. He is the most trustworthy, hardworking and caring person I have ever met and I am so grateful that my sons will grow up modeling themselves after him.

3. Rocklyn, my son, who has been a miracle in every way. I never knew a love like this existed and he has brought more meaning to every moment of my life than I ever thought possible. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on and he amazes me every day.

4. Ryder, our son who is due in January. This pregnancy has been difficult being so close to my last pregnancy in time, but I am so excited to continue growing our family.

5. Graduate school, MAE program at Cumberland. I feel so truly blessed to be able to continue working on my education and preparing to teach in a couple years at this time. I am also so glad for my husband's ability to be working on his graduate degree as well.

6. Friends. You do really learn as you grow older that quanitity of friends means nothing and quality is everything. I have had to weed some people out of my life but the friends that remain I have found are those that truly care about me and my life as much as I do theirs. Our circle of friends has continued to grow with genuine, great people and I am so excited to watch these friendships grow.

7. Family. They say relationships grow and change once you have your own children and I have never been happier with my relationship with my mother as I have been since becoming a mom myself.

8. Knowledge. Our family has been so dedicated to please Christ and make great decisions in everything and it has strengthened us all and we have learned so much. From budgeting, to our health, to keeping a home, raising children, spending our time wisely and all other areas of life we have improved greatly and I am so grateful for this.

9. Love. I realize more and more that in a world that can seem to full of hatred and satan, love really is dwelling all around if you focus on it. Serving others is so very vital to an enriched life and I am so grateful to have had the opportunities to serve that I have and cannot wait to continue with this.

10. Everyday miracles. From waking up in the morning to a shining sun to being able to watch my belly grow with my son inside it to things as simple as having clean water to drink, these simple miracles that we make take for granted should not be passed by and I am so thankful for everything. I do not and probably never will know what its like to lay my head down at night without a roof and security over me and for this I am so grateful and hope to decrease just how many people this is a reality for.

I pray that each of you reading this can find many things in your life to be thankful for and to realize that none of it is your doing, it is all because of God. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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